Applying for Colorado Unemployment Can Be Done by Using the Internet,If you have become unemployed or have reduced work hours in Colorado, then you should file for Colorado unemployment as soon as this happens. You can either visit your unemployment office in your area or you can file a claim by using the Colorado Workforce website on the Internet. The main reason that you need to file as soon as this situation arises is due to the fact that you cannot receive any type of benefits before you and until you file a claim. When you are filing for an unemployment claim, you must show proof that you are a citizen of the United States.These forms of identification could include a Driver’s license or a valid identification card, a military identification card, a Coast Guard Merchant Mariner card, or a native American tribal document. The Colorado unemployment eligibility benefits that you could receive will depend on the base period. This base period consists of your first four calendar quarters wages. Once all information is gathered, it will be determined if you are eligible to receive benefits. If you are eligible, then you will have to comply with an initial waiting week that is not paid. You will have to call a hot-line or visit the main website in order to report your eligibility for this waiting week.Once this week is over, you will start to receive your Colorado unemployment. You will have to be actively seeking employment. You must report at least five jobs that you have contacted for a job in order to keep the benefits that have been awarded to you. You will also need to register with the Colorado Workforce which is an agency that will help you to find a job. You will have to physically visit this facility where you will have a representative sit down with you and discuss your job outlook.In order to receive your Colorado unemployment benefits, you will have to request payment for each week that you are unemployed. You will have these benefits available to you from one year of the date that you file the claim. If you become employed, then this is when you stop filing for your weekly payment. If you become unemployed again, you will not have to go through all the paperwork that you once did. You will only have to visit the office or the website and start filing for an unemployment payment again. There will just be a few questions that you have to answer.


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